Rainmaker helps companies to develop and startup new business activities. Faster and at a higher success rate...


There is a undeniable need for solutions to keep our planet liveable and nice. To improve our quality of life and to ensure we can hand over planet Earth to future generations decently.

Our planet will expand to 9 billion human inhabitants rapidly. All these people want to live and consume like everyone else. To do so we need ample energy, water and food. But also smart production methods to reduce waste and to manage our natural resources efficiently. In this way we can fulfill our wants and needs that it doesn’t negatively affect our living environment and well-being

This is not a threat. This is a huge opportunity to develop future-proof products and services that are profitable to all stakeholders involved in the short and long run


Rainmaker lets your business grow sustainably. Critical factor for success is to learn and act faster than your competition. To speed up development without rushing I use a three step approach according to lean innovation principles and based on over 20 years experience

Think up

  • Turning ideas into business opportunities
  • Proposition design
  • Business case development
  • Business model design


  • Organizing the essentials for success: team, partners, network, funding, …
  • Market minimum viable proposition
  • Tweak business model
  • Stop when proposition doesn’t land
  • Proceed when you manage to create cash flow

Scale up

  • Choose the ecosystem where the business model will flourish best
  • A: stand alone as a dedicated venture
  • B: as part of a service portfolio of an existing company
  • Activate and grow your business


Rainmaker works for a variety of companies building a future-proof product and service portfolio

Think up and start-up a corporate venturing unit to develop and market innovative energy technologies

Think up and start-up new business unit “Renewable Energy” to make an oil and gas contractor future proof

Start-up a fair trade jeans company to compete the premium brands

Start-up an innovation team to develop and market circular building materials

Think up, start-up and scale up future-proof business propositions


Innovation is about executing good ideas. That’s what Rainmaker does: converting ideas into profitable and sustainable business activities. What can I do for you?

Martijn Vriethoff
martijn at rainmaker.nl
+31 6 12 17 59 37