Rainmaker helps companies to develop and startup new business activities. Faster and at a higher success rate...


Rainmaker lets your business grow. Critical factor for success is to learn and act faster than your competition. To speed up development without rushing I use a three step approach according to lean innovation principles and based on over 20 years experience

Think up

  • Turning ideas into business opportunities
  • Business model development
  • Organizing the essentials for success: team, partners, network, funding, …

Start up

  • Market minimum viable proposition
  • Learn and tweak business model
  • Stop when proposition doesn’t land
  • Proceed when you manage to create cash flow

Scale up

  • Choose the ecosystem where the business model will flourish best
  • A: stand alone as a dedicated venture
  • B: as part of a service portfolio of an existing company
  • Activate and grow your business


Rainmaker works for small and large companies in a variety of industries improving their performance through innovation

Think up and start-up a corporate venturing unit to develop and market innovative energy technologies

Think up and start-up new business unit “Renewable Energy” to make an oil and gas contractor future proof

Start-up a fair trade jeans company to compete the premium brands

Start-up an innovation team to develop and market circular building materials

Think up, start-up and scale up future-proof business propositions

Innovation is about executing good ideas. That’s what Rainmaker does: converting ideas into profitable and sustainable business activities. What can I do for you?


Martijn Vriethoff
martijn at rainmaker.nl
+31 6 12 17 59 37